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   We are very excited to be teaming up with Herxyl, a media development and social media management group. 20% of DROPTHEBRAND's monthly profits go toward a service project with HERXYL. This mission is focused on giving a voice through media development and social media to orphanages, homes for women, and nonprofit groups across the world. Our number one goal is to drive traffic and donations to those who need it most! Here's a little bit more about them! 

  In the last six months Herxyl media and social media management group has brought on six friends/co-workers and have put full effort into developing in the world of social media. The influence of social media is at an all time high right now with 77 percent of U.S. Americans holding a social media profile (80 percent of those are aged 18-29), that’s a statistic that will not be slowing down. In six months we have accumulated a combined following of over 800 thousand and growing across 4 platforms. For most in the United states platforms such as the radio, and live television are becoming out of date. People are turning to their cellphones for everyday needs like entertainment, education, health, and news articles.

      Every member of HERXYL shares the understanding of social media development and reach. Each of the seven endlessly creative minds at HERXYL want to use developed skills in professional photography, video production, marketing, social media management, and video production to create video and photo content for each program we work with. It has taken years to develop each of the skills possessed by the members of HERXYL, and we’d now like to use our skills to serve.